Project Tracking

Know the current state and progress of all your projects in a quick glance from the Dashboard. Much easier and more efficient than a separate project management tool.


Invite team members and clients for participation. Team members can collaborate on the script and the storyboard. Other participants can review and approve the project. Everyone can discuss the project in real-time.


Multiple scriptwriters can jointly write 2-column scripts in real-time. More apt than Google Docs.


Automatic storyboard generation based on script. Organize storyboard images, play animatics and gather early feedback.

File Sharing

Share video files, audio tracks, documents and other artifacts. No need for a separate file storage app.

Workflow Actions

Clients can easily review and approve the projects. Avoid confusion and delays. Get more done − quicker.


Discuss the project privately with just the team members or all the participants. Exchange ideas, get feedback and share updates − in real-time.

Avoid the clutter of emails going back & forth. No need for a separate chat app.

Activity Log

A clear view of who did what on the project and when, along with simple notifications.