3 Vital Questions to Ask a Video Producer First 12 Apr 2013

Whether you are launching a startup, rolling out an amazing new product, promoting your small-business, explaining your crowdfunding project or running an ad campaign, you will surely need an outstanding online video to educate your audience, increase conversion rates and maybe even spread the message virally. Video is one of the few strategies that seems to work extremely well regardless of the industry or demographics.

Dollar Shave Club - Best Startup Viral Video

At Hatchvid we love online videos (don't we all). As we make progress with our video production platform, we come across many clients (mostly fellow startup founders and Kickstarter creators) who need awesome videos but don't know where to start or seem unsure about which professional producer to choose. They post their project details on our online video marketplace and we match them to 3 talented producers based on their precise requirements. …
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Storyboard Animatics 8 Apr 2013

Animatics is a technique used during the storyboarding stage to preview a simplistic mock-up series of still images (or photographs) presented in sequence to give a better idea of how the scenes will eventually look and feel.

Now you can play simple animatics of your storyboard images in Hatchvid with the click of a button. Checkout this new cool feature under the project storyboard and share your feedback with us.

Move Scenes in Script 4 Apr 2013

Now you can edit your scripts more conveniently with the ability to move scenes up and down the script using the new drag feature. Just move the grip (icon) at the right corner of a scene to the new desired location in the script.

Move Scenes in Script

The scene menu with options to delete a scene or insert one, have been moved under the scene number on the left. …
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File Sharing 21 Mar 2013

We are happy to announce the availability of simple and fast File Sharing in Hatchvid; so that you, your team and your clients can share files (video, audio, documents etc.) with each other. It will not only eliminate the need for a separate file storage app, but it will also facilitate feedback for media files from within Hatchvid. Give it a try today!

File Sharing

Over the past few weeks, we've also released a bunch of improvements around the speed and stability of the server application, and bug fixes to resolve minor issues. We are focused on streamlining Hatchvid into a simple solution for production management (not just pre-production, but also post-production), and eliminate the need (and costs) for multiple apps to do the job.

3 Ways Businesses Can Use Vine for Social Media Marketing 6 Feb 2013

Recently Twitter unveiled Vine, a simple mobile app that lets anyone capture and share 6-second looping videos. The brevity of Vine videos inspires creativity.

Here are 3 ways in which businesses of any scale can use Vine for social media and content marketing:

1. Teasers and Ads - Brands, and even small businesses, can use a combination of motion and audio in Vine videos to give a brief glimpse of new or hot products. The short and nimble nature of Vine videos also makes them an effective option for video ads. An ingenious video with an ad-lib feel along with a simple, emotional or amusing story has the potential to go viral. Moreover, businesses can reach an even wider audience by using Promoted Tweets for the Vine video. …
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Launch 13 Dec 2012

We are excited to launch Hatchvid today for public use. For the past few weeks, we've been fixing things, improving things and listening to our early users.

Hatchvid is the easiest way to manage creative pre-production. It allows creative producers and teams to easily develop story concepts, write scripts, organize storyboards, have discussions and collaborate with co-workers and clients for producing motion media projects like online videos, product explainers, video ads, animations, short films, mini-documentaries, crowdfunding videos, video games etc.

Hatchvid encourages collaboration within teams and with clients, expedites the project workflow, reduces risk and turn-around time, and brings a unified solution for project management of video and motion graphics development. …
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